Providing High-quality Wireless Door Lock System for Hotel Guests

 Wireless Hotel Lock

ZKTeco Hotel Lock uses Zigbee wireless transmission technique. Upon connection to wireless control panel and setting via ZKBioSecurity software, hotel users may use registered door cards or smart phone to open room doors; staff members may also check any door lock status via the software.


 Wireless Control Panel

Wireless control panel supports Zigbee wireless transmission technique, a single wireless control panel controls up to 10 door locks and enables unlimited connection, thus making it especially suitable for 5-star hotels with up to several thousands of rooms.


 ZKBioSecurity Software

ZKTeco Hotel Lock uses functionally magnificent ZKBioSecurity security software, which enables independent review of power supply status of any door locks. With the embedded elevator module, sta may also controls access rights of users of elevators.


Supports Contactless Mobile Door Opening


ZKTeco utilizes cloud based technologies and applies it to its own hotel lock system. With cloud function,visitors are enabled to use their own mobile devices to remotely open hotel doors. With simple yet quick door opening, user experience is significantly enhanced and is optimal for hospitality industry.

Supports Mifare Card Door Opening

ZKTeco Hotel Door Lock supports IC S50/S70 contactless smart cards. Upon scanning a verified card by the door lock reader, the door can be opened.

Wireless Controller Communication with lock by ZigBee

ZKTeco Hotel Door Lock utilizes Zigbee technique for connection and remote control. With ZKBioSecurity connecting the wireless control panel, IC S50/S70 cards’ door opening order can be delivered, thus guests are enabled to open doors at designated time.

Low Power Consumption and Real-time Power Status Monitoring (Support more than 10,000 access)

Wireless Hotel Lock Control Panel Can Manage Up To 10 x ZL500

Report Lost Card

Guests are given door cards during check-in. In case any card is lost, sta may use the “Report Lost Card” function on ZKBioSecurity to cancel the lost card via transmitting data to the designated door lock, and activate another door card for convenient card replacement.

Open API for 3rd Party Hotel Management Software Integration

Elevator Operation Control by Timeslots

Apart from opening room doors, the all-in-one ZKBioSecurity access control software can also be used to control elevators and limit access to dierent floor by timeslots. With the Elevator Operation Control,elevators are activated only upon successful card swiping.

Access Control & Elevator Control Functional Integration