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ZKBioSecurity Visitor Management Solution

Web-based Server which supports multiple registration sites.

Web-based Visitor Reservation Management

Seamless Integration with Access Control, Elevator Control, Video Linkage, Parking, etc.

E-Mail and SMS Notification for the Visitors/Host and Administrators

Supports Visitors Watch list for Specific People/Group/Nation

Supports OCR or ID Card reader to Auto-fill the Visitor’s Basic Info

Supports Customized the Size/Format of Visitor Badges, including Receipts/Sticker/Printed Card

Supports Combination Verification Modes with Biometrics for Visitors

Supports Recording the Visitors’ Signatures Pictures

Visitor Module

Visitor Module is a web-based management system that implements entry registration, exit registration, snapshot capturing, visitor quantity statistics, reservation management and shares information among registration sites. It is highly integrated with the access control system and elevator control system. It is generally used at reception desks and gates of enterprises to manage visitors.

Multi-point Visitor Registration Management based on Web

Supports setting of visitor registration points, multi-point registration visitor management, and mutual sharing of a publicized management database.

E-mail and SMS Notification Functions

During visitor registration, in case of overtime visits, visitor registration, overtime visitor registration, visitor checking out, monitoring lists, the system will deliver e-mail or SMS notifications to visitors, recipients, or managers in the registration site. SMS and e-mail templates support customization, templates with different contents, delivery rules, and recipients according to conditions can be customized. If it is set to deliver on the day of the visit, all notifications will be delivered to the specific recipients at a specific time.

Visitor Management Process

Employees can help the visitors to make reserved registration, successful reservation information will be delivered via email or SMS to notify recipients, visitors, and registration managers, etc. Visitor registration can also be done by identity card registration (OCR or ID Reader), signature, photo capturing, passport capturing or car information registration, etc. in order to enhance the safety level. Visitor authority supports automatic distribution of recipient department authority group according to visitor’s location. Also, the copying function enables users to select needed visitor information and copy it to new registration interfaces, including recipient information, reasons for visit, corporate information, authority information, etc., which can bring convenience and save time to group visit registration. After successful registration, visitors may have access to designated areas with visitor cards or visitor receipts. It supports multiple verification modes including card, password, fingerprint, QR code, etc. After the visit, visitors may return cards to the registration site for checking out.

Visitor Module Supports Visible Light Facial Recognition

The client can use the photo capture function in the visitor registration page to register visible light facial templates and share them with all Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminals.

QR Code Safe Entry Solution for Staff and Visitors

Mobile QR Code Check-in enables both staff and visitors to complete the touchless check-in process, by utilizing their own mobile devices to scan QR codes for access to secured areas.

Scramble QR Code for Better Security

In order to prevent unregistered people from gaining access by copying QR codes or barcodes without permission, the images of QR codes and barcodes in the URL can be set to dynamic (scramble), which means that the QR code images will be automatically changed in every 30-300s (adjustable). Administrators no longer need to generate a new set of QR codes to update visitors’ entry content anymore.

How does it work?

Up to completion of visitor registration, each member or visitor will get a hyperlink from the service provider, which directs to a dynamic QR code or barcode to different gates and doors. With the QR codes, visitors are allowed to enter the specifically authorized areas.

Maximum Visitor Check

In order to provide a secure visitor management system for the number of visitors visiting the office building, ZKBioSecurity has a function of a maximum number of visitor checks. Once the number of visitors on the day reaches the default upper limit, a prompt pop-up will be delivered when Admin enters the registration page.


The visitor module can summary useful information of visitors' last visited
location and visitor history.

Supports iOS and Android App

Offers mobile visitor reservation and registration functions, including names, phone numbers, and timeslots of visits. Users may also review reserved visitors’ status and detailed visitor records with ZKBioSecurity App anytime.

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