One Touch To Access All Areas

– Unlimited Guards & Admin Accounts

– Web Based Solution

– One Touch To Access All Areas

– Full Functioned Visitor Module

– Anti-Passback and Global Interlock

– Multi Card Technologies:

Support HID Proximity, HID iClass, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, DESFire EV1/ EV2, LEGIC, ID Proximity

– Support Biometric Technology:

Fingerprint & Finger Vein & Palm & Face Recognition

Global Linkage

ZKBiosecurity provides the Global Linkage Service to the user. It is able to automate system functions and notifications system wide.


There are multiple tiers to the alert process including Output point, Video Linkage, Active Time, Email Notification and Linkage Voice Prompts.





Output point

With Global I/O, Output point allows administrators to configure linkages where various events can be linked to any other input/ output/ events in the system. These linkages can be actived by various events with different access level, invalid card, unrecognized finger-print read and motion detection might trigger such outputs (Alarm, IPCamera…etc).


Video Linkage

Photo Capture and Pop-up video to warn administrator when exceptional events take place. Video could include footage before the events happened.

Video length could be up to 180 seconds.


Active Time

Administrator can set an active time for the linkage by pre-defined time zones or date range.


Email Notification

Email notification allows an operator to send a message via email automatically whenever a specific trigger occurs.


Linkage Voice Prompts

Voice linkage will announces series of warning messages which are accompanied by siren sounds. These linkage the announcements will be caused by particular action.


Multi Person Authorization

Multi-Person Authorization is a combination of the personnel in one or more Multi-Person Personnel group. It is able to combined door opening by two people. In the education situation, students will be allowed to exit until the recognition of guardians is match to the group.


To book the classrooms for teaching and other activities, the users just simply click out the corresponding date and time via ZKBiosecurity software and get approval by pressing a hand or finger to a scanner. This proven and recognized biometric procedure ensures that the person is authorised and has a right to book a room

Patrol Guard

Patrol Guard is an efficient module to manage your security employees completing all their patrols and at the correct time. Our guard tour systems use the latest technology to allow you to accurately monitor the times of patrols and when key areas have been visited.

The systems work by installing the access control at areas around the building to be checked. Security employees use their finger to read these points to record the time visited.

Using the existing access control readers, reducing costs and ensuring patrol tasks.

ZKTeco Finger Vein Technologies

The Most Secure Biometric Technology


What is Finger Vein Recognition?


Finger vein recognition is a method of biometric authentication that uses pattern-recognition techniques based on images of human finger vein patterns beneath the skin’s surface.

Main Features Of Combining Fingerprint And Finger Vein Technology

 Since finger veins are covered by skins and invisible to human eyes, there are lower risks of spoof or duplicated vein features, and it is even lower of the combination of fingerprint and finger vein features, which provide higher anti-spoof ability;



 Suitable for large-scale users: the combination of fingerprint and finger vein verification can reduce rejection and failure of verification and enables applications with a large number of users;



 Small Storage Space Required: the template of fingerprint and finger vein is lower than 2Kbyte.