Why choose ZKTeco

Automated Manufacturing

ZKTeco owns has a large factory with the most advanced production machines.

R&D Centers

ZKTeco owns has many Centers for development, design and innovation in Egypt, India, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Dalian.

Miracle Line

ZKTeco Miracle Line
It has 8 direct operators, with an average output of 1100 units per day and 13.75 units per hour. The Miracle line is based on the shortening of the concept of oblique thinking.

Quality Control System

Since the establishment, ZKTeco's biometric devices have been shipped to all over the world, with a product success rate of 99.9%.

ZKTeco Accreditations

ZKTeco strives for excellence and is committed to a high level of products and after-sales services. We fully respect and comply with industry standards and applicable laws and regulations.

ZKTeaco services

About Us

“ZKTECO CO.، LTD. (ZKTeco) (301330: CN Shenzhen Stock Exchange) is a world-renowned enterprise that specializes in leading biometric recognition technologies, providing products and solutions for smart portal management, smart identity authentication and smart office. ZKTeco offers services on all fronts for public service, at the enterprise level and for personal users “. Instead of your old profile.

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Solutions provided by ZKTeco

Integrated business enablement based on basic biometric verification technologies (smart identity authentication application)

ZKTeco is a world-famous provider of biometrics verification algorithm technologies, sensors and software platforms, which owns patents for fingerprint recognition technologies, Iris lights, face, vein, handprint, etc., and owns patents for computer vision technologies including facial recognition and behavioral identification, X-ray object identification, video structure, making ZKTeco is one of the companies in the industry that owns relatively many patents. From basic technical licenses for physical and behavioral features including fingerprint, iris, face, vein, to ZKBioDeSee software supported by hybrid biometrics verification, computer vision, O2O hybrid identity verification and O2O smart terminals and their solutions, we provide comprehensive solutions based on intelligent verification and identity authentication applications for vertical industries, partners and system integrators.

Smart entry and exit application "person + car + object" integrated business empowerment program platform (smart entry and exit application)


ZKTeco is a world-famous provider of core technologies, smart terminals and software platforms based on smart entry and exit applications " Car + Person + object”, owns a large amount of copyrights for products, software solutions and patented technologies of smart terminals, strives to integrate hybrid biometric verification technologies and computer vision technologies with the internet , the Internet of things , Big data and cloud computing, system platform adoption including ZKBioSecurity and ZKBioCV Security etc. And object corridors, world-famous entrances and exits for biometrics verification, smart IoT devices and servers, private cloud services and public connectivity to provide system integration services to many partners regarding industrial solutions, which are widely applied in various fields including smart traffic, finance, smart education, smart medicine SMG government art etc.

ZKTeco + cloud platform for smart offices and integrated business empowerment (smart office application)

ZKTeco is a world-renowned provider of the ZKTeco + Cloud Platform
Possible basic technologies, smart terminals and a software platform, which hits the ZKTeco + Cloud Platform
It was designed to create the binary concept “time management + space management” ،
And its own cloud platform with a high level of security for data archiving.
Service Desk, Information Service offers, application.
Authentication and storage authorization service, API service platform, cloud storage service, etc.

The cloud application is " connected through “
ZKTeco + communication links
Smart peripherals are connected in IoT smart office applications for attendance, access control, visitor management, POS and smart device terminals through software platforms including ZKBioTime, ZKBio Cloud, etc., which offer comprehensive O2O smart office solutions for enterprises that are widely applied in various fields including smart office And smart education and so on.


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