Real-time visual remote management

ZKTeco is a world-leading enterprise specialized in biometric technology. Based on the Biosecurity 3.0, we offer all-in-one solutions of the entrance control of visitor & vehicle and video surveillance.

There will be a great amount of people moving in and out of the mansion, including the enterprise employees and visitors. Security threats may exist without properly entrance management, which may threaten the personal security, properly safety as well as information safety.

Therefore, ZKTeco puts forward on All-In-One security for the enterprise mansion management.

The solution provides a large-scale management solution by connecting different zones for a more efficient management of pedestrian entrance control, vehicle control, elevator control, access control and video surveillance, realizing a real-time visible remote management.

The administrator can register the information employees and visitors and give them access privilege of the authorized turnstile and floors through ZKBiosecurity software. Readers integrated on the turnstile or installed in the elevator will read their ID card, recognize their fingerprint or face. Then they can pass through the turnstile or access to authorized floors. This can prevent unexpected people accessing companies'facilities and assets.

For visitors, if they would like to visit certain floors of the mansion, it is essential for them to register first, including booking registration, reception registration at the reception area or self-registration on the phone. The visitor management system in the ZKBiosecurity 3.0 software will record visitor information including their photos, names, contacts etc. After that, visitors will receive the authorised ID card. With the card, visitor can only be access to their designated floors.

The system can also record all the users'visiting that can be exported from the software. Once there is any emergency or accident, administrator can check the data and trace the behavior of suspicious people in the mansion.

As for the vehicle control, there are license plate recognition for employees. Also, visitors can use the register information to control boom barrier for parking.

The all-in-one solution assists enterprise in realizing the real-time remote control, and video surveillance is linked access control, which will record video or capture picture if any abnormal case occurs.



ZKBioSecurity visitor management system provides convenient registration services for visitors. It can be linked with access control and elevator systems to realize smart management, ensuring that visitor passage is quick and secure.


-Multiple tunnels for visitor registration to improve system efficiency.

-Accurate permission management of visitor access control and elevator control to limit visitor's access and increase the security level.



The entrance control integrates the biometric technology on the turnstile to manage the passage. It is friendly for visitors that they can pass through the channel by card box receiver when they leave. And video surveillance can be linked with the entrance control, any abnormal events will be recorded to make sure that administrator can have a real-time management.


-Multi verification suitable for different requirements.

-Card box receiver convenient for visitor.

-Linkage with video surveillance to catch abnormal case and ensure safety.




The vehicle control offers various modes of vehicle entrance recognition. LPR(License Plate Recognize) and UHF reader are employed to control boom barrier. It is efficient to manage the vehicle entering enterprise and save human resources.


-Available for access control and time attendace modules integration.
-Various verification modes to satisfy different situation requirements.



The elevator control subsystem can identify each person as they enter the mansion. Authorized members are only access to the registered floors, including both the visitors and employees of the company in the building. It greatly improves elevator using efficiency and security level, saving cost of maintenance and operation.


-Single module supports 58 floors in maximum.

-Privilege control is accurate to floor, time slot and user.

-Linkage with video surveillance to record abnormal case.



The video surveillance module is linked with control platform based on B/S architecture. It has a very excellent performance on video data processing and real-time monitoring. Local storage and data retrieval are perfect for increasing security level. The system is integrated with access control modules, which can be linked with relevant events in real time, ensuring a remote management of the administrator and satisfying the high demand of enterprise on security.


-Web-based video surveillance management platform.

-Linkage with access control, realizing real-time remote control.

-Compatible with third-party video surveillance products

An enterprise mansion'management can be divided into five major aspects: visitor management, pedestrian entrance control, vehicle control, elevator control and surveillance. Each aspect means one subsystem, these subsystems can be connected together to increase the security level of enterprise management.