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Self-service visitor registration and access control management solution2

Self-service visitor registration and access control management solution

Self-service Visitor Registration & Access Control Management Solution


ZKTeco Self-service Visitor Registration and Access Control Management  

Solution is based on FaceKiosk Service and

ZKBioSecurity ISP Visitor Module to


offer easy, convenient and efficient visitor registration and access control.

 3 methods of visitor access are available including Online Pre-registration,

On-site Self-service Registration and Direct Access for different needs. It offer various

benefits including reduced costs and human resources, increased efficiency and

security of access control and customers' data for marketing use.

What self-service visitor management is

ZKTeco's visitor self-service management solution is
designed to provide a fully automated unmanned visitor registration and door access,

temperature screening experience, ultimately enhancing working efficiency. This solution is built on the high-level integration

between ZKTeco's software and hardware, as ZKTeco is an end to end solution provider, which can ensure system stability and sacailibity.


Scanning QR Code

Visitor Ticket Printing

Facial recognition

Temperature screening

How does self-service visitor management work?

Conventionally, visitor management is administered by the reception counter, the visitors are required to spend minutes filling in their personal information manually at the entrance before access to the office.

With the help of the Facekisok terminal and ZKBioSecurity ISP, ZKTeco offers a visitor registration process that can be completed in seconds or less, by using new technology, such as online preregistration, QR code, facial recognition,

Self-service visitor management options

There are 3 types of self-service visitor management options,

1. ) Online pre-registration

2, ) On-site self-service reservation

3. ) On-site self-service identity verification

Online Pre-registration

Invited visitors may click the hyperlink sent via email or SMS for self-registration. After successful registration, ZKBioSecurity ISP will automatically send back the access QR code generation link via email for visitor to enter secured area.

Option 1

Authorized to access all secured areas
Visitor arrives
for link the Click onlineregistration
Visitor receives an online pre-registtaton email

Option 2

Authorized to access all secured areas
Visitor arrives
for link the Click onlineregistration
Visitor receives an online pre-registtaton email
email Auto the to notification administrator
Authorized to access all secured areas

Option 3

Face mask & tem perature detection
Scan face for verification
for link the Click onlineregistration
Visitor arrives
Administrator receives real-time notification and grants access
Scan the QR code on the Facekisok terminal
Authorized to access all secured areas

Direct access

register tO need nolonger authorization,visitors periodof the within ,previously made been hasalready reservation If code QR / code QR mobile) options pre-selectedcredential through area secure the access direct may Visitor .again (recognition facial /ticket admission

Authorized access to the permitted area(s).

Visitor arrives

Support functions


FaceKiosk-H 13C has a range of module functions available on the basis of FaceKiosk series, including built-in RFID card module, facial recognition scanner and fingerprint scanner and body tempertaure sensor (optional) , which not only can verify user's identity through facial recognition but also fingerprint and smart card even hybrid verification. In addition to collecting and verifying the identity information, it also supports ticket printing, QR code scanning and can be used as self-service visitor registration machine. Moreover, the hardware interface and diversified functions meet the different needs of different users in different scenarios.

• Quick and 24/7 solutions

• Quick and 24/7 solutions

Self-service portal provides 24-hour supports and 7 days a week to visitors, anywhere at any time and visitor no longer need to wait for office to open to get the queries.

contactless assistance

Through self-service, visitor are not required to go to reception for registration and can instead register on their own with the self-service portal, which is an online website for visitors or groups of people to do online pre-registration.

• Reduce workload

With reduced registration time, the workload of staff is also reduced, customer service executives can concentrate on solving complex customer queries.

• Address common queries with portal


Common and less complex queries can be solved through self-service on portal, customer service staffs do not have to worry about getting to a massive number of customers in a limited time.

• Data gathering opportunities at portals

Customers' data collected by the system including access time and types of accessed can be flexibly used for business research of business and strategy planning.


• Reduce cost of support

With ZKTeco self-service portal, enterprises do no need

to employ extra personnel to answer common queries, and hence the return on investment on business is higher.

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