ZKTeco Smart Parking Solution is designed for busy and high-volume parking, which offers customers a precise parking guidance with indicating lights, guidance displays, vehicle search Kiosk. Therefore driver can directly and simply follow indications to go available parking bays easily.

ZK Smart Parking Solution

ZKTeco Smart Parking provides a one-stop solution for both small parking lots and a busy multi-storey car park. By providing drivers with accurate parking directions with guide lights and parking guidance cameras, drivers can easily search for the locations of their cars using the vehicle search kiosk, and quickly navigate to the parking spaces available in the entrance area of the parking lot.

ZKTeco parking guidance camera are installed at each ceiling to detect and indicate real time occupancy. For example, a red LED indicates that the parking lot is occupied, and a green LED indicates the lots is available.

The indicator lights inside the parking guidance cameras can display seven configurable colors, allowing for dynamic indication of the status of the parking bay — disabled users, VIP, or other reservations — and instant indication of parking bay availability. Unique parking status, such as reserved, unlicensed use, or parking over the line can also be indicated.