Parking management solution

What is a parking management solution

ZKTeco offers a wide range of access control solutions for parking lots , including an entry and exit solution, a centralized Shroff solution and an automatic recognition solution for the entrance and exit of parking lots UHF

Self-service visitor registration and access control management solution

Offers self-service visitor registration and access control management in an easy, convenient and efficient way

ZKTeco POMS-cloud platform for real-time operation and monitoring

The ZKTeco POMS software provides a cloud-based operation and maintenance system for real-time parking monitoring, including a real-time summary of equipment information indicating parking area information, hardware status, instant alarm, and device malfunction handling. It is an ideal system for systems integrator (SI) to conveniently and effectively manage and monitor the status of devices.

QR code scramble and barcode access control solution

ZKTeco's newly released QR Code & Barcode access control and barcode management solution enables easy, efficient and accurate access. With the delivery of QR codes and barcodes to mobile phones for scanning, more physical cards and keys are no longer needed, and access control management has become simpler and safer.

Workplace contact tracking detector and social distancing solution

Large-scale positioning technology (UWB) (UWB) is being developed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in the industrial environment.

Advanced LPR solution with introduction to vehicle recognition

ZKTECO license plate recognition advanced technology automatically and quickly recognizes vehicle colors, license plate numbers and its related features for both multiple identification of a higher security level while maintaining high efficiency of Automobile entrance and exit management.

Mobile phone access control solution

The mobile access control solution provides a new way to access by simply using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., using NFC or Bluetooth technology, it enables high cost efficiency of access control management of access points of the identification function that can definitely replace the traditional physical RFID card.

The solution of counting people at the Access Control Station

ZKTeco's visual person counting system integrates access control, face recognition and video surveillance, which automatically calculates and controls people's traffic conveniently, accurately and efficiently. It enables management personnel to easily monitor the movement of crowds and control the number of people at a particular location, integrates access control, tracking, instant event notification and instant view of the status of crowds. The ZKTeco person counting system is 

Zk Intelligent Parking Solution

ZKTeco Smart Parking provides a one-stop solution for both small parking lots and a busy multi-storey car park. By providing drivers with accurate parking directions with guide lights and parking guidance cameras, drivers can easily search for the locations of their cars using the vehicle search kiosk, and quickly navigate to the parking spaces available in the entrance area of the parking lot.

APP Free Smart Hotel Solution

ZKTeco Hotel Lock uses Zigbee wireless transmission technique. Upon connection to wireless control panel and setting via ZKBioSecurity software, hotel users may use registered door cards or smart phone to open room doors; staff members may also check any door lock status via the software.


construction site entrance control solutions

Smart construction site entrance control solution is integrated entrance management solutions based on ZKTeco hybrid-biometric verification technology. With ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software and entrance products. It provides a set of intelligent management and monitoring entrance solutions for construction site, enhances the safety of the enterprise and ensures the safety of employees.

Touchless Biometric Solution with Mask & Body Temperature

Powerful surveillance tech that identifies users
with surgical masks and checks their body temperature quickly

All-In-One Security Solution for Mansion

ZKTeco is a world-leading enterprise specialized in biometric technology. Based on the Biosecurity 3.0, we offer all-in-one solutions of the entrance control of visitor & vehicle and video surveillance.

ZKBioSecurity Education Solution

ZKBiosecurity provides the Global Linkage Service to the user. It is able to automate system functions and notifications system wide.

One Smart Card Solution

ZKTeco One card Solution ensures users’ convenience of using apartments’ entrance control, lift-car access control, access time or attendance recording, club facilities use recording with just one single card. The building manager can have complete building security with one solution, universal card readers are available in a Basic Unit or the more sophisticated Enterprise Model.

ZKBioSecurity Destination based Dispatching Solution

Elevators are a necessity of modern living, and destination based dispatching system is playing an important role that system can control various numbers of elevators,

Data Centers Solution

‧ Web Based Solution

‧ One Card Solution (One card for all locations)

‧ Unlimited Management Accounts

ZKBioSecurity Education Solution (Kindergarten)

It is able to combine two more persons into one personnel group for multi-person authorization of door opening. For school applications, students will only be allowed access or exit of doors upon successful matching of guardians’ authority of the personnel group.

Cloud Based Mobile Time Attendance Solution

Timecube is a cloud platform specialized for professional service, it combines the smart attendance terminal and Timecube’s HR management system to perfectly generate an enterprise management cloud platform. With Timecube, users are able to solve various problems of enterprises’ attendance, personnel management and collaborative office, and quickly achieve informatized management.

High Availability And Security Solution

ZKBioHA is a high availability solution for enterprise, it could integrate with ZKBioSecurity platform to provide professional real-time sync of business data and business continuity protection for customer.

ZKBioSecurity Parking Management System

There are two kinds of UHF tags in this long distance fixed vehicle access management application.


ZKBioBL Door Management Solution

ZKBiobl App. is a door lock management application for mobile devices, which is compatible with Apple and Android phones. It is mainly used for door opening with mobile phones, mobile user management and user information review etc. One of the highlights of the software is that it is able to integrate it visitor password function with Airbnb, house owners may remote share passwords with users and perform remote tenant management.

Electronic Mailboxes and Intelligent Lockers Solution

ZKTeco’s intelligent smart locker solution offers intelligent, digital and customized services suitable for both individual and multi-occupancy buildings. 

ZKBioSecurity Hotel Management Solution

ZKBioSecurity Hotel Management System is specially designed to meet the needs of small-medium hotels, maximum security, individual style and low operation costs. It is allowing for comprehensive access control and system management, but offers you an easy “one-click” installation.